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As noted below, my current web host for web site has announced they are shutting down their business. Over the past week I have been working to move 5 web sites, software and databases from my old web host to a new web host. This does not directly affect

The new web host location for is up and running  but not yet accessible. I need to do testing before I redirect the web URL to the new server – not yet sure what day this will be done.

When the address is updated in the domain name servers, the switch over can take anywhere from a few hours up to 3 days.  As this is the 4th web site I have migrated (so far), this time I might have done it properly(!) and the switch over may be completely transparent – we hope!

There is no change – at this time – to the web site. However, some files and program source code are stored behind the scenes at and might be briefly inaccessible during the process of bringing the new server and web site online.

Apologies for lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates and posts to this web site. I have had a lot going on – and right now, we are in process of moving across the state. Eventually things will be settled down. I completed several interesting App Inventor projects but have lacked time to get them posted here. Hang in there – I intend to be back!

The most popular programming languages

There are many surveys of programming language popularity. Many of the popular surveys have problems with the survey methodology such that they likely produce erroneous estimates of programming language popularity. For example, one survey looks at how many times each programming language is looked up on Internet search systems.

The chart, below, comes from GitHub and bases popularity on the number of “pull requests” that are made to the GitHub software repository. Using this method, JavaScript is the most popular programming language, followed by Python, Java, Ruby and PHP.

Python has become a standard for use by non-computer science students. Whether your college studies be in mechanical engineering or geology, there is a good chance you will learn Python for data analysis projects.

Java is now an old programming language, but still used especially for Android programming. It’s popularity for desktop applications is starting to diminish.

Ruby become popular about ten years ago. Ruby is based on a concept of “frameworks” that provide pre-made program skeletons which you adapt to make your own application. Ruby is very popular for quickly creating web-based applications.

PHP pre-dates Ruby – PHP is a script language that runs on the server side of a web application. PHP is very easy to learn and couples easily with MySQL databases, making the combination a great solution for web-based, database-backed applications.

Finally we get to the “C” derived languages including C, C++ and Microsoft’s cousin C# (a very powerful language with great development tools.). C dates back to about 1970 or so.

C++ was developed in the 1980s and added object oriented programming to C and has since expanded in many ways. C and C++ are commonly “compiled” into machine instructions for each CPU and are used for high performance applications, including operating systems, video games and media applications.

C# has features resembling Java and C++ – but in a more modern design. In some ways, C# is where some wish C++ had gone 🙂