Learn Javascript programming?

If you have already learned App Inventor programming, what new things would you be interested in learning?

For example, would you be interested in Javascript tutorials that help you translate your App Inventor skills into programming Javascript or some other programming language? Possibly for mobile apps but perhaps for desktop apps or web apps?

What App Inventor features or techniques would you like to learn about for App Inventor? I do not write custom apps here but instead try to identify generic features and methods that might be useful to know across many different types of apps.

Leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Learn Javascript programming?”

    1. Hey thank you for the suggestion Wil! I was not familiar with Kotlin but did some looking into it after seeing your comment. Most of the tutorials seem geared towards those already familiar with Java. Which means some tutorials that assume no familiarity, or perhaps basic programming knowledge from App Inventor or Python would be a good starting point. I need to learn a lot more about Kotlin – it may very well be the future of Android software development … Ed


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