Sorry for lack of recent posts!

Just wanted everyone to know that I am still alive!

I’ve had some other things occupying my mind for a long time as a result of having experienced in life not one – but six – traumatic brain injuries. Bleh. Traumatic brain injuries or TBI as they are known in health care, happen when you have head injuries that jostle your brain around. I do not recommend having head injuries!  For me these head injuries included a skull fracture plus being knocked out four times in falls or bike crashes (which broke bike helmets and bones) and other bad whacks on the head… Amazingly, I’ve managed to space these head injuries out over my entire life too, for good measure, or something.

They tell me the effects of TBI are seen as cumulative – that is, a TBI + a TBI + a TBI is worse than having a single TBI.

The issues I was dealing with are now largely over and resolved and I am starting to get lots of things done again. Yay!

I’ve have a list of App Inventor projects I’d want to get to and will hopefully resume those projects near the end of this month.

Anyway, I’m okay, I’m fine, I’m still here!

Keep on programming!

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