Migrating this blog to a new web site

After running and managing my own blog software since 1995 – all the way back to the beginning of the web! – I am gradually migrating my blogs to WordPress.com. That means the appinventor.pevest.com web site will be switching over to WordPress.com hosting.

I currently run 5 web sites. Managing all of them with frequent software updates, maintenance, anti-malware screening, anti-spam screening, comment review is too time consuming. Plus, I need to convert them over to https secure web access. In reviewing  this, I realized the era of my hosting my own blogs is coming to an end.

Most of the change over will be transparent. You can visit the preliminary new web site here:


When I make the switch from this web site to the new one, I will initially just redirect access to appinventor.pevest.com directly to appinventorplus.wordpress.com. I may eventually set it up so that the appinventor.pevest.com domain name replaces appinventorplus.wordpress.com. I also plan to purchase a monthly WordPress subscription so the WordPress ads will go away.

I have 5 web sites to convert and that takes time too. But once done, I will no longer have to spend so much time on the day to day maintenance of my blogs and web sites.

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