Security: http versus https and access to the web site

As you may know, http is the old way to access a web site. https is the newer secure method that encrypts data sent to and from the web site.

Last year, Google announced it would rank search results such that web sites accessed via https rank higher than those using http.

This web page has been using http – which is okay since there is nothing secret or controversial about the content here.

However, on 7 March 2017, Firefox will launch an update that will issue a security warning when visiting web sites using http.

Consequently, we need to switch our web sites from http to https which involves paying a fee to buy an SSL security certificate and re-configuring software and servers.

I have successfully converted my web site to https as a test for the conversion. So far everything looks good.

I will eventually convert the web site to use https also. I do not have a date for that – it could be next week or the end of the month.  When I do the conversion, their might be a temporary period where you receive a security warning about accessing the web site, depending on how I do that update.

2 thoughts on “Security: http versus https and access to the web site”

    1. My web host ISP is a very reliable ISP and it is not worth the trouble to move the entire set of web sites to another host at this time. My ISP can issue its own certificate but it is not recognized by Google and other search engines.

      Some of the free and very cheap Certificate Authorities issue certificates that are also not recognized by Google.

      I found one that issues a valid certificate for just a few dollars and set it up on my web site. I plan to get a certificate from them for this web site, perhaps within a couple of weeks from today, and then switch this web site over to https as well.



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