This web site is now receiving 25,000 unique visitors each month! I am very pleased that these tutorials are helpful to so many people all over the world!

Web site access is nearly the same every hour around the clock, implying a global readership (update: 145 countries!)

Operating System Used

  • 82% of the visitors use Windows
  • 7% use Linux
  • 4.4% use Mac OS X
  • 1% use iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • A very tiny number have accessed the web site via Java Mobile, Blackberry and … the Nintendo Wii plus a few miscellaneous devices.


The web server output an average of about 800 kbytes per minute delivered to those viewing the web site. That is nearly 1 megabyte per minute.

Browser Used

  • Internet Explorer 42%
  • Chrome 32%
  • Firefox 12%
  • Opera 5%
  • Safari 2%
  • Android browser on smart phone 1/2%


I do not yet have a count of countries. I am working on that.

UPDATE: 145 countries!

How Do People Find

  • 67% come directly to the web site by typing the address or using a bookmark
  • About 1% come from a link on another web site
  • About 32% come from an online search, and almost all of those come from Google searches.

The most common search is for information about App Inventor (duh!), followed by information about Bluetooth! High in the search list are also searches for information on Android or App Inventor and Arduino and searches related to App Inventor sensors (such as orientation sensor) and TinyDB.

How Do We Know This?

When you visit any web site, your browser sends information about the operating system used, screen size, browser used, and so on, to the web site so the server can optionally deliver a web page customized to your configuration. When you search for something online, the search service (such as Google) passes the search text to the web server so web developers can optimize their content or learn what content is most desired by users.

The web server does not know who you are.

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