Thunkable turns programming into a drag-and-drop solution – based on App Inventor

Thunkable is a spin off of the MIT App Inventor project. If you can program in App Inventor, you can program in Thunkable. Their goal is to get the App Inventor concept running on both Android and iOS (iPhone).

Visit Thunkable at

Thunkable, built on top of the open-source project MIT App Inventor, is a visual programming tool

Source: Thunkable turns programming into a drag-and-drop solution – SD Times

There are indications that MIT App Inventor will focus on education and training applications and that spin offs will offer more powerful (and likely complex) features such as increased database functionality or media handling. These new features, oriented perhaps towards businesses and organizations (rather than education) might become a subscription service – but with added value in terms of features and capabilities.

3 thoughts on “Thunkable turns programming into a drag-and-drop solution – based on App Inventor”

    1. Nandalal
      I am not connected with MIT or the MIT App Inventor organization so nothing I say is official.

      My understanding is that MIT intends that App Inventor will remain free to use at least for educational applications.

      They have hinted that the underlying technology may be licensed and used by third parties that might create enhanced versions of App Inventor for other markets. I could envision a third party creating a version that has, for example, significantly enhanced database and data analysis features for business and other markets. Thus, they would be providing not just the App Inventor core features but a lot of new features. Perhaps such a third party would charge a fee to use their enhanced version of App Inventor, or perhaps just to use the enhanced features they have provided.

      Who knows? I have no inside information and can only make a guess as to where the future may lead.

      Regardless, I think that MIT App Inventor is here to stay, grow, and become much bigger than it is today.



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