New – e-book corrections page with updates, fixes

I have set up a page to collect any corrections to my e-books. If you find issues in the books, post a comment here on the blog ( or on my App Inventor 2 Facebook page.

Todd F. found an odd set of sample blocks code images in Chapter 3 of App Inventor 2 Databases and Files (1st edition Revision “A”-see page 2 for the revision level).

I inadvertently inserted two incorrect blocks code samples at the very end of Chapter 3. The correct images are show here.

Any future bugs in the text will be noted on the E-book Corrections page and rolled in to the next e-book update. If you spot any problems, please leave us a comment on any page here on the blog or on our Facebook page – I get notified each time a comment is posted.

Update on Google Books Version

The Google Books e-book version of Volume 2 and Volume 3 has been stuck in their “processing” system for about 5 weeks. I contacted their support staff today and there is an unknown problem with the epub format file (a file used to describe an e-book) for these titles. I am looking into that and hope that it can be fixed soon.

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