“App Inventor 2 Databases and Files” ebook now available, 322 pages

For a complete description of Volume 1 (Introduction), Volume 2 (Advanced Concepts) and Volume 3 (Databases and Files), please see my App Inventor 2 e-books page where you can view the table of contents, download a sample chapter, and find links where you can obtain these ebooks online at Amazon, Google Play, Kobo Books and so on.

  • Volume 3 covers TinyDB, TinyWebDB, Fusion Tables, Files and exchanging data with CSV format files.

Volume 3 is a big e-book – 322 pages long, says Amazon’s page counter.

Volume 3 is now available at

Links to all 3 books are available here.


My Guide to 3D Photography e-book is available from:

3 thoughts on ““App Inventor 2 Databases and Files” ebook now available, 322 pages”

  1. I used the App Inventor. There is a canvas ineedd. The LEDs are Images which I change when a touch event points to them. For communicating I just send a very simple Code like A+byte to switch on byte LED or C+ byte to clear one. Then there is also a clear all command, you can see it in the last seconds, the arduino clears all 64 LED in a fraction of a second, the App needs some more time


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