Can you build an App Inventor app for the Google Play store?

I wrote this in response to a question on this web site’s Facebook page.

Someone asked if there was perhaps a paid version of App Inventor required for building apps that go in the Google Play store? No, there is no paid version.

You do not need a paid version of App Inventor; just use the Build .apk option to create an Android package file that can be installed on an Android device.

You can then submit your apps to the Google Play store. You will need to pay a US $25, one time only, to open a developer account. Thereafter, you may upload as many apps as you want to the Play store.

You’ll also need to create some screen snapshots and upload those as part of your app description in the Play store. There is much additional good information here –

How to create App Inventor apps for the Google Play store is on my list of future tutorials. Unfortunately, I do not have time right at the moment to put that together – but eventually I will have something and describe the process in step-by-step detail!

5 thoughts on “Can you build an App Inventor app for the Google Play store?”

  1. This is not true, you can’t simply upload your app inventor apk files to Google play. You need a lot of work after generating the apk to make it ready for publishing on Google play store!! .. App inventor doesn’t generate signed or zipaligned apk files, does it?


    1. Well, we’ve done it so it is possible! I still need to write up a tutorial on how to do this – may be I can write up a tutorial this coming week!

      Your comment reminds me that I need to do that – I suspect there are many people who would like to upload App Inventor apps to Google Play!



      1. We are waiting for your tutorial!
        And a second wonderful tuto would be to connect appInventor apps with other apps by intents. Especially Tasker. I wonder if it would be possible to make a Tasker app with AppInventor.


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