What are the hot programming languages for today

Here is an easy to read report on which programming languages are now “hot” in the market for software developers: Don’t Rely On Salary Data To Pick A Programming Language To Learn – ReadWrite.

The pace of change in software development is rapid – popular languages today may already be fading.  Pay scales for some niche languages are very high (such as Ruby)- but the market opportunity might not be large or lengthy.

Web applications and mobile applications are the “hot” categories. Within those categories, there are a variety of currently popular software development tools:

  1. for the web, Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript,
  2. for mobile devices, Objective C, Java.

Web programming is often designed for mobile device usage – thus, Ruby on Rails, Java and Javascript may be used to create “mobile aware” web-based applications.

App Inventor is a “mobile applications” tool.  App Inventor introduces key concepts – such as event driven programming – and the basics of the Android OS interface used by Android/Java programmers (the primary development language for Android). While Java is textual, complex and very, very different than App Inventor, the concepts learned in App Inventor make it easier to learn Java and the Android SDK.

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