You can run App Inventor and install apps to your phone at Starbucks

As you already know, you can use App Inventor and the AI Companion on your phone to install apps from your computer (Browser) to your smart phone, as long as both are on the same network.

This works at Starbucks too 🙂 Just run to access your app in the cloud, run the MIT AI Companion app on your phone, and then select Connect | AI Companion in the browser window.

The app installs on to your phone.

2 thoughts on “You can run App Inventor and install apps to your phone at Starbucks”

  1. I am working on the calculator app
    1. I selected the addition block 3rd from top with + symbol
    2.snapped it into the right of the set block set global accumulator to
    3. selected math multiply block 5th from top and dragged it into the right most open block
    4 use set block and finally use math block
    At this block I ran into difficulty getting the numbers 1 and 10 into the right place can you help


    1. Think I would need to see an image of what blocks are trying to be connected to see what the problem might be. Are you still having this problem or have you found a solution?

      I was on vacation, camping last week, so could not reply then.



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