is back online!

On 28 March 2016 you may have received a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” error message when trying to access

This occurred because interest in tutorials on coding in MIT App Inventor is high! And the web server had exceeded the total bandwidth permitted for the month of March. I should have paid attention to the bandwidth logs and noticed sooner that I was closing in the bandwidth limit.

As soon as I learned about the problem, my Internet host (Tierpoint/ responded very quickly to increase my bandwidth to six times more than it was previously. Hopefully this will hold us for a few months! It costs me a bit more but I want to ensure you have access to the current content and more to come!


P.S. Tierpoint/ has been a great hosting provider for this and other web sites I have run for years, with excellent customer service. I am glad to put in a plug for them!

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